We only use main dealer or O.E. (original equipment) approved parts from our reputable suppliers. It is extreme important that your brakes operate in perfect working order; as if your vehicle has just been driven out of the showroom. For this reason we will never use parts we do not trust, or from suppliers we haven’t vetted.

It is not a requirement to replace brake fluid at the time of your scheduled Service, however, at CCP Auto Services, we advise all customers to replace the brake fluid every 2 years. Brake fluid can become hygroscopic, this means that the brake fluid can begin absorbing water and moisture from it environment. This water content lowers the brake fluid’s boiling point which significantly reduces stopping ability as heat in the system rises. Over time, that moisture can also cause a range of issues that include corrosion throughout the braking system, damage to brake lines and metal brake pipes, brake calipers, master cylinder and other important components.

We carry out all repairs and refitting of all brake components including pads, discs, fluid change, brake servo, master cylinders and brake lines.

Can I supply my own parts? We are happy for you to supply your own parts. We ask that the parts you supply are new and not second hand. All parts supplied by you, the customer, are not covered under our CCP Guarantee. Click here to view the CCP Guarantee


Prices will vary due to the variation in cost of parts needed for your specific vehicle. A full breakdown of the additional costs for parts and other components for your vehicle will be detailed in an estimate on request.

For all brake enquiries, for all makes and models, please CONTACT US for an estimate.