Cam-belts, Timing Belt / Chains

What is a cam-belt / timing belt /timing chain? This is a common reaction when asking our customers if they have been replaced within the manufactures’ guild recommendations. Each vehicle will have either a cam-belt or a timing belt/chain. The cam-belt, timing belt/chain is an extremely important component to any vehicle. This is the part of the engine which allows the crankshaft and the camshaft to stay in time with one another. This process is in place to prevent the piston and valves colliding.

During each cylinder cycle, the top and bottom half of the engine must be in sync so that the valves at the top of the engine, and the pistons at the bottom of the engine do not collide.

Each manufacturer will recommended either a specific distance or time period for your cam-belt, timing belt/chain to be replaced. This will vary for each vehicle depending on the manufacturer. Failure to replace these parts will result in your car breaking down due to engine failure, and your entire engine will need to either be repaired (if possible) or fully replaced. Either way, this type of repair is very costly. For this reason alone, we strongly advise all our customers to have a complete timing belt / cam-belt kit fitted. We also recommend that your water pump is replaced at the same time as your cam-belt, timing belt/chain because if this happens, the same engine failure will occur.

To check your vehicles required manufacturers recommendations for cam-belt, timing belt/chain replacement, we use Autodata, an online, up-to-date information system for vehicle technicians.


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