Vehicle Diagnostics

Engine Management Lights / Electrical Diagnostic Faults

Engine management lights will appear on your dashboard to show faults or to alert you about a vehicle’s service being due.

These lights will not just switch themselves off, they need to be investigated and the problem fixed before they can be switched off by a technician. Some of these lights are part of your MOT examination, so if they are not operating properly, then this will cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.

Electrical Diagnostic faults can occur when an electrical component breaks down, for example, your headlights may not be operating or your radio becomes intermittent. This type of fault does not always show up as an Engine Management light on your dashboard.

We recommend that you bring your vehicle to the workshop (if possible). If your car is not running due to an electrical fault, the vehicle will need to be recovered to the workshop for investigation and diagnosis. If you have Breakdown Recovery, then you can use this, or alternatively we can have your vehicle recovered to us for an additional cost.


If you would like to speak to us regarding your engine management or electrical fault please feel free to CONTACT US. Estimates available on request.